About us

At Future Architectural Lighting it’s all about service. The philosophy of, “look after your customers and they will look after you” works for us.

Here at Future we bring you a collection of lighting manufacturers and suppliers from Europe and the UK with a common ethos. Quality Counts & Service Matters. But it doesn’t stop there. We ensure we deliver the Right product, at the Right price, from the Right supplier and the Right time.

We are 100% committed to 100% satisfaction.

Offering lighting solutions for these applications & more

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“I have been in the electrical industry since the mid 70’s. My career in lighting started in 1985 being employed by several major lighting manufacturers. With many years of knowledge and experience behind me I established my own business over ten years ago.
I now have a dedicated team in our Glasgow Design office providing cost effective lighting solutions for architects, electrical consultants and designers from our many varied UK and European partners together with a tailored service based on our customers’ needs.”

Colin Stephen


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